SkinMedica™ Sensitive Skin Cleanser

$ 35.00

SkinMedica™ Sensitive Skin Cleanser is made for sensitive skin. It is pretty important that you understand that. The price of this product is higher than most skin cleanser. There are lots of people who say that they receive the same benefits from buying skin cleansers at a reduced cost or price. This is a good point since why would you buy a product that is twice the price of some skin cleansers when the benefits are the same. Everyone will buy the cheaper product if the benefits are the same, right? It only make sense, we all want to save money.

What most people don't understand is that SkinMedica™ Sensitive Skin Cleanser is meant for sensitive skin. While cheaper products is made to cleanse the skin the same way, SkinMedica™ Sensitive Skin Cleanser is also made for sensitive skin. If ordinary skin cleansers make your skin breakout, have rashes, and inflame your skin then why would you buy that? It defeats the purpose of getting a skin cleanser since we are buying skin care products to make us beautiful.

It is definitely worth it to buy SkinMedica™ sensitive skin cleanser if you have sensitive skin since this product contains anti-irritants to protect extremely sensitive skin. SkinMedica™ sensitive skin cleanser is one of the best skin cleansers out there for sensitive skin.


  • Thoroughly removes makeup and excess oil as it neutralizes environmental pollutants.
  • Specially formulated with anti-irritants to protect highly sensitive or inflamed skin.
  • Cleanses gently while providing hydration for sensitive, post-procedure skin.


Directions for Use:

Splash face with lukewarm water. Gently massage cleanser using circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.